New fire marshal course London format coming soon

City Fire Training Ltd and Fire Training London (fire marshal courses London) are revamping their fire marshal courses London.

The new format will be tailored to help fire marshals and fire wardens understand the need to keep all fire safety measures in the building up to date and working. This will help in an emergency and to help premises managers comply with fire safety legislation.

The new input will include – fire maintenance checks that can be carried out by the organisations own staff, how some fire safety measures look different in different types of building (For example – Do you know how your fire alarm  and call points works??), providing fire extinguisher training at a different part of the programme to place more importance on the evacuation of persons from a building.


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Combining fire risk assessments and fire training

Another City Fire Training client has chosen us to provide dual fire risk assessment and fire training services.

The client has moved from an old city office to a newly refurbished office in central London. We were asked to carry out a PAS 79 fire risk assessment and carry out general staff fire training to inform workers of issues that we found in the building. The premises manager of the multi-tenanted building has produced a fire emergency plan of the building and with our help our client will produce their own bespoke version and implement fire marshal sweep systems on their floor.

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Fire in Shoreditch office / residential block – fire marshal courses London article

Fire crews from Shoreditch, Whitechapel and Southwark were called to a smell of smoke in an office and residential building on Fore Street on Sunday afternoon.

The incident was reported at 1351 and was dealt with 90 minutes later. A small motor in the basement of the building had burnt out and firefighters were able to extinguish it swiftly.

Responsible persons are reminded that Fire risk assessments are required in commercial buildings and that the common areas of residential accommodation should also be fire risk assessed. In addition, commercial premises should have a fire emergency plan, an evacuation procedure and an appropriate number of trained personnel to carry out any evacuations during an emergency.

City Fire Training provide fire marshal courses London and fire extinguisher courses London. Fire Training London also provide a number of other fire safety courses  suitable for various workplaces and fire safety roles.


Will Boris cut London Fire Brigade? Fire marshal courses London article

A  secret document has been discovered by BBC reporters that details arrangements for closing 17 fire stations in London.  This is too help cut the LFB budget by £65 million in the next two years.

These and other money-saving plans to make these huge savings will be discussed at  London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority meeting next month.

The suggested cuts are set against the backdrop of LFB reporting that fires in the London are at their lowest levels since 1966, and in the last decade fire calls and false alarms have dropped nationally by 312,000 calls.

Chairman of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, James Cleverly, said: “What we’re looking to do, as part of our budget saving process, is to go to a slightly smaller number of on average larger and more modern fire stations, and that will enable us to maintain our attendance times and keep Londoners safe.”

FBU regional secretary for London, Paul Embery, said: “These proposals present the biggest threat to the London Fire Brigade since the days of the Luftwaffe and would lead to the decimation of fire cover in London. The stations under threat of closure have stood proudly for generations, protecting local residents from bombs, fire and terrorism, yet Boris Johnson is about to hammer a ‘For Sale’ sign on to their front doors.

“We do not believe that cuts of this scale can be achieved without there being an impact on public safety, and we call on Londoners to join with us in defending our fire service.”

The fire stations that face closure are Acton, Belsize, Bow, Clapham, Clerkenwell, Downham, Islington, Kensington, Kingsland, Knightsbridge, New Cross, Peckham, Silvertown, Southwark, Westminster, Whitechapel, Woolwich.

City Fire Training have always commended the work of fire fighters from London Fire Brigade and other fire services. However, recognition is required for other organisations that have helped bring about the reduction of fatal fires over the last decade, the drop in fire calls and fires. This has been achieved by comprehensive reforms in fire risk assessment, fire safety training and other workplace fire safety drives, as well as sterling work from a number of organisation promoting community fire safety.

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The importance of fire extinguisher training – fire extinguisher courses London article

The importance of fire extinguisher training and fire extinguisher courses London was highlighted after a fire outside a supermarket in Surrey Quays yesterday afternoon.

Four appliances tackled a fire after a person carelessly discarded a cigarette. Waste bin containers were set alight after the cigarette was not extinguished properly.

Trained staff could have tackled the fire (A Class A fire) with water extinguishers (the best extinguishing agent) or  foam, dry powder or wet chemical extinguishers. Most water extinguishers will put out a 13A rated fire (1.3 metres cubed), although City Fire Training recommends that persons do not tackle this size of blaze indoors. Nevertheless this outside fire could have been stopped quickly by trained personnel with access to the correct type of fire extinguishers.


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Do all staff need to have fire extinguisher training at a workplace?

This is one of the most common questions asked at fire safety courses in London – whether it be on fire safety for managers courses, fire marshal courses London or fire extinguisher courses London!

All thirteen of the premises specific fire safety guides (here is a link to London Fire Risk Assessment Consultants that has an easy to access page to all of the guides) stipulate what staff need to know. This includes the use and location of fire extinguishers in the premises. There is no requirement for a hands on practical session.

The question is detailed on the home page of City Fire Training website (Oct 16th) – If you cannot see it on there then it has been moved to the news archive – Hope you find it useful.

How to select a good fire training company – Fire Training London report

If you are a manager who needs to source fire extinguisher courses London,  fire marshal courses London or just general staff fire training for your staff that is suitable for your workplace and your activities, within budget and is of suitable quality; where do you start?

Typing fire training, fire safety training, fire extinguisher training, fire marshal training, fire marshal courses etc into a search engine will bring up a multitude of fire trainers who claim to provide adequate fire safety training, approved courses, fire service trainers and other grand claims…. but how do you find a suitable trainer who will provide courses that are suitable for your staff, workplace activities and the unique features of your premises and circumstances.

Selecting a fire training company or organisation without a recommendation or prior knowledge can be like selecting an internet holiday, buying a car on or even hoping that those FA cup tickets for £50 are real. So what should you look for and consider:

Fire Service training companies or training departments

    • Are usually the most expensive
    • Often use staff without previous fire safety or fire training experience or even retired officers!
    • Run generic courses / open courses – These may talk in general terms and not specific to your needs
    • Fire Extinguisher companies
      • Reasonable price
      • May talk about products of the company
      • Usually a limited course range
      • Approved by training bodies
        • What are the requirements to join these bodies?
        • Length of courses?
        • Cost?
        • Ex fire service trainers
          • What experience did the trainers have? Operational? Fire Safety department, Training?
          • What rank or level did they reach – This may reflect the quality and content of the courses
          • Cost?
          • Does the company have an extensive list of courses
          • Do they offer other services – if so what?
          • Bespoke training – Does the company ask to see your fire risk assessment, emergency plan, fire procedures or visit your premises?

Other issues to consider are:

Does the trainer offer a certificate? If so, is this a certificate of attendance or does this involve an accredited exam or short test. Remember there is no requirement for an accredited or certificated course   and this may add to the cost of the course.

Does the trainer offer a practical exercise? Fires inside a building are very different to those that occur outside. Whilst a practical exercise may be of value, any exercise should reflect the fact that fire extinguisher use is first aid firefighting and should only take place if a person is at the scene when the fire starts. Most people have very little experience of fires occurring in buildings and only very small fires should ever be tackled, preferably as they start.

Does the fire company have an up to date website? Does it regularly update its content and news page? If a website is not updated on a regular basis, will the company update their training courses?

What is the cost of fire training? Many fire training companies limit the numbers of attendees. This is likely to be enforced because of a practical fire training session.  If all members of staff need to be trained this could force up the overall cost for your annual fire training.  Check out our article “Is fire training a legal requirement?”  – some organisations train only nominated fire teams rather than train all personnel on how to use fire extinguishers. If this is the case, it should be documented in the fire risk assessment and made clear in any fire action notices in the building.

When selecting a fire training company think:

  • Cost
  • Experience
  • Relevance
  • Tailored or generic
  • Will it assist your company with induction, periodic, updated and role specific training

Fire marshal courses London – fire extinguisher courses London

Fire Training London provides fire training for companies and organisations at its central  London training venues or bespoke training at organisations premises for an affordable fee with no limitations on delegate numbers. Other services and products include Fire Risk Assessments, fire safety audits, competent person support, evacuation chairs, evacuation chair training and many other services.