Fire risk assessment London – Ensure fire safety London at your premises

Do you need a fire risk assessment carried out in your building?

Well these are the options!

  • Online fire risk assessment – This may be one of the cheapest options and can be quick to do! However, some managers or responsible persons may not have the fire safety knowledge to carry out a fire risk assessment. Some online fire risk assessments may not meet Fire Services “suitable and sufficient” criteria!
  • Using a template – These may not cover all of the issues that you will need to cover in your FRA. They are cheap to do but you may need to consult Government fire safety guides to ensure you cover all of the issues.
  • Use a fire risk assessor London – Fire risk assessment consultants will know how to assess fire safety but you should interview your assessors to ensure they have the relevant skill sets and qualifications to carry out your fire risk assessment. This is usually the most expensive way of carrying out a fire risk assessment but a good assessort should cover all of the issues needed.

City Fire Taining Ltd and London Fire Risk Assessment Consultants use the PAS 79 method of carrying out fire risk assessments and guarantee it will meet all Fire Service Workplace Safety teams “suitable and sufficient”  criteria.

Useful links :

Fire risk assessment approved by fire service after fire in premises

We carry out fire risk assessments for many buildings including a number of fire risk assessments and training for a leading building group based in the UK. A short while ago, one of the buildings had a small fire behind a ceiling tile. The fire service established the cause as “mice biting wires causing an electrical fire”.

A few days after the fire was extinguished our clients were visited by the Workplace fire safety team and asked to see the fire risk assessment and fire emergency plan. The FRA which had been carried out eleven months earlier and had included a list of significant findings. Virtually all of the significant findings had been addressed and the FRA and fire emergency plan passed the fire services “suitable and sufficient” critieria.

Fires can still occur in buildings although fire risk assessments may well reduce the risk of one starting and should ensure that people escape safely if one occurs. It is vital though that significant findings are acted upon.

For fire warden training London or fire warden training Essex call City Fire Training Ltd.

Recent fire risk assessments in London

We provide type 1 PAS 79  fire risk assessments for many types of organisation and companies. Here is a quick list of organisation types and the significant findings that we found.

23 fire risk assessments for an education department of a large London borough

  • Fire stopping between fire zones
  • Incomplete fire maintenance checks
  • Lack of fire training for school staff
  • Emergency lighting not working
  • Faults on fire alarm systems
  • Arson prevention – no CCTV, poor arrangements for storage of rubbish
  • No disabled fire procedures

Headquarters of shoe distribution company

  • Misuse of portable heaters – overloading extension leads, no PAT testing
  • Poorly sited toaster causing frequent false alarms
  • Insufficient fire exit signs
  • Poor fire stopping between electrical intake room, server rooms and escape staircase
  • No staff action notices
  • Poorly sited fire extinguishers – not fixed to walls, poor disposition

Gym in north London

  • Misuse of extension cables
  • Waste stored on fire exit route
  • Insufficient fire exit signs
  • No disabled fire procedures
  • Poor access to escape route fire exit due to vehicles parked to close to fire exit
  • Security override boxes (Green boxes) not tested
  • Insufficient records for fire alarm, emergency lighting
  • No fire drills recorded
  • No fire training carried out by staff

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