Fire Training London course list

Here is a list of fire safety training courses provided by Fire Training London:

Also worth a view is the fire training London blog. Full of fire safety course news, latest fires and fire safety articles

Our favourite fire safety news feeds

Here is  a little list of our favourite news feed:

London Fire Brigade – latest news and campaigns

Fire Training London blog (updated daily)

Info4fire news page

In additon there are some great social network sites including LFBs Twitter feed and facebook. Also check out Fire Training London facebook page (just started) and City Fire Training facebook page.

For fire marshal courses London and fire extinguisher courses London visit the FTL or CFT websites now!

Fire Training London reports busiest August trading since formimg.

Fire Training London, part of the City Fire Training Ltd group has reported its busiest August trading since forming in early August 2009.

Despite the Olympics and mayoral and government warnings of possible travel disruption, there was a 100% increase if fire training enquiries and fire training events. September is also looking to be the busiest since trading began.

Fire marshal courses London and fire extinguisher courses London are the most popular courses, but CFT also reports an increase in fire risk assessments London.

What information needs to be included in a fire log book?

The actual question that we were asked was “What information do I need to put in my log book about the fire training you have delivered for us?”. A full answer for Fire Training / Log book.

What else needs to go in? Here is a little list:

  • Fire alarm tests
  • Fire alarm maintenance
  • Emergency lighting tests
  • Emergency lighting maintenance
  • Fire extinguisher checks
  • Fire extinguisher maintenance
  • Fire suppression systems test
  • Fire suppression system maintenance
  • Fire training
  • Fire drills
  • PAT testing
  • Electrical wiring tests
  • Metal fire escape inspection
  • and a few others…………………………………………

For a comprehensive look at this  info come to Fire Training London and City Fire Training London fire safety for managers course London and fire marshal courses London.

Doberman alerts family to house fire

A London Fire Brigade spokesman praised a Doberman who saved his owners from a house fire in Enfield on Monday 13th Aug 2012.

The family was asleep in the house in Allens Road, Enfield, when the fire broke out. The fire in a rear bedroom, woke up the family’s Doberman before the smoke alarm sounded, and continued to bark until the occupier woke up. He was then able to alert his children to the blaze and all three escaped, before calling London Fire Brigade.

A spokesperson for the Fire Service said:

“The dog may well have saved this family’s lives. His barking woke the family up, allowing them to quickly escape and call us out. Had they not been woken up so quickly, the damage to their home could have been far worse and they might not have escaped without injury. I’m sure they are very grateful to their hero dog!”

The cause of the fire is believed to have been caused by a plug-in air freshener which had been covered by material. It caused extensive damage to a bedroom and part of the hallway.

The spokesperson went on to say:

“When using plug-in air fresheners, it is important to ensure they remain upright and are never covered. Covering a plug-in can result in overheating, which can be dangerous and cause fires, as we’ve seen here. Always read the instructions on the packet and make sure you’re using it safely and correctly.”

Two fire appliances from Enfield and Edmonton fire stations attended the blaze. The Brigade was called at 0055 and the fire was under control at 0151

Just for the record the Doberman had not attended our fire marshal course London, so we can claim no credit for his actions!!! However, we can get a little link to our Fire Training London website and anyone interested in fire safety training courses should call us now.

Fire emergency plans – Whats included!

Fire Training London have detailed whats included in a fire emergency plan.

The blog post is based on the requirements of London Fire Brigade’s workplace fire safety officers. This list is also an integral part of Fire Training London and City Fire Training’s fire marshal course London and fire marshal training London on-site programmes – non emergency duties of fire marshals.

The next open fire marshal course London is being held at the Dragon Rooms, Stukeley Street, Nr Drury Lance, London on Sept 24th. Alternatively CFT offer on-site staff fire training courses that can be tailored to your organisations fire emergency plan.

Fire marshal procedures – how many does an organisation need?

This a question posed by Fire Training London today.

A new blog post details why one London organisation needed six different fire procedures for the various uses that their building was put too. Regular readers are reminded that the Fire Safety Order 2005 requires a responsible person to ensure that there are adequate fire evacuation procedures for all persons at risk in a building.

This will mean persons such as disabled persons, lone workers, those in high risk process areas, contractors etc.

For more details of fire marshal courses London

Fire marshal courses London and fire warden courses London – Whats the difference?

The difference is in the name and that’s about it!

The Fire Safety Order 2005 requires premises to have suitable fire evacuation procedures and sufficient number of suitably trained staff to implement the fire evacuation procedure. In other words fire marshals or fire wardens.

There are many courses offering suitable training. Fire Services offer fire training but these tend to be expensive – so our recommendations are City Fire Training and Fire Training London.

Fire marshal courses – What to look for?

What makes the best fire marshal courses or fire warden courses?

There are different types of fire marshal training. Staff members can be sent to an open course where there will be many other types of organisation represented. This may give the delegate ideas on how to construct there fire emergency plan and fire evacuation procedures, but there may be some time given to discussions which are not relevant to their particular circumstances. Alternatively, fire marshal training can given on-site and tailored specifically to an organisations fire emergency plan, fire risk assessment and significant findings. Any discussions will be based around the actual work practices and issues relating to fire safety at that premises.

What ever the training a manager picks ensure that the syllabus or course programme is based around government guidance and fire service best practice.

For our favourite fire marshal courses London go to London Fire Training website or City Fire Training website

Fire marshal courses London – Nr Drury Lane

City Fire Training are hosting a fire marshal course at the Dragon Rooms in Stukeley Street, nr Drury Lane on 24th September 2012.

The course closely follows government guidance and fire service best advice. Regular attendees will be aware that this course was originally developed for the Fire Service Safety Partnership.

Fire safety training is a requirement of the Fire Safety Order 2005. The Order requires organisation to have arrangements for the evacuation of persons from a building during an emergency and sufficient numbers of persons to implement the fire evacuation plan. This course will help fulfil this legal requirement.

For details of City Fire Training fire marshal courses London click this link now!