Why do fire wardens and fire marshals need more fire training?

There is a requirement for all staff to receive regular fire training. They should be taught the contents of the fire emergency plan. This will include what to do if they discover a fire, what to do if they hear an alarm, details of the fire alarm, details of fire fighting equipment, accounting procedures, the importance of fire doors, how to operate fire alarm call points, fire doors etc.

Fire wardens and fire marshals must also know this essential information but will also need to know more details of the fire evacuation strategy, how fires start and behave in buildings, how persons react to fires in buildings, how to marshal persons to a place of safety, arrangements for disabled persons or other persons with reduced mobility. They may also be required to assist with updating fire emergency plans, fire evacuation plans, simple staff fire training, implementing  and debriefing fire drills etc.

All of these issues are covered in City Fire Training fire marshal courses in London. Our courses can be delivered as in house fire warden training London programmes, on-site fire warden training in London or as open fire marshal training London programmes at our training venue in East London.


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New fire marshal training London dates set

City Fire Training (Fire Training London) have set new fire marshal training London dates. The next fire marshal course in London will be held on 28th January 2014 and places are limited to 20 persons per course.

Attendees will each receive a certificate of attendance after completing the course and will have the opportunity of tackling a small fire  using portable fire extinguishers.

Fire warden courses London and fire marshal courses London are available as open programmes or as in house fire marshal training in London. Click the links above for more details.

Should fire warden training be accredited?

A caller to our office asked whether “fire warden training needed to be accredited”. Our caller had called another provider who said that their course was approved by a trade organisation.

There is no requirement for accredited fire training for any member of staff under the Fire Safety Order 2005. Fire training should however, be given by somebody with sufficient knowledge, training and expertise.

If you need fire warden training in London or fire extinguisher training in London call our teams now for more details.

What do we need to carry out fire warden training in London?

If you are a busy organisation based in London it may not be convenient to send your staff on fire training course. So why not try on-site fire warden training in London.

What do we need? Here is a little list of requirements:

  • A space about 5 or 6 car parking spaces
  • The area should not be visible from a main road or public highway
  • The space must be away from flammable, combustible sources or air intakes
  • The training area must be on private ground and not accessible to members of the public and traffic
  • Flat ground with hard standing

Our staff will also undertake an on-site risk assessment to ensure that there are no other hidden risks or hazards. Need training ? Call City Fire Training now on our Fire Training London hotline now.