IFSM accredited fire marshal training in Essex

Fire marshals and fire wardens require training to carry out their organisation fire evacuation plan. Fire emergency plans detail what will happen in an emergency and the frequency of staff fire marshal and fire warden training.

Our fire marshal training Essex programmes and fire warden training Essex courses detail what is required of staff performing an evacuation role. Course content is a mixture of government guidance, British Standards and published fire service advice, as well as over 20 years of experience with the Essex County Fire and Rescue Service industrial training programme.

For details of fire training in Essex, fire marshal courses in Essex and fire extinguisher training go to our website now.


Fire warden training Essex – thanks for the views and calls!

We have had a few calls to our office regarding our fire warden training Essex programmes. For those who have not called but want more information. Here is a brief overview of the fire warden course Essex:

  • Fire awareness covering legislation, case histories and legal responsibilities
  • Fire extinguisher theory – classes and types of fire, types of fire extinguisher, safety operation tips
  • Non emergency duties – hazard spotting, fire maintenance checks, fire drills
  • Emergency procedures – evacuation strategies, accounting methods, fire emergency plans, disabled fire procedures and general information.

Remember our team provided┬áthousands of Essex fire service training courses whilst serving as fire safety officers. For details of how we can provide fire warden training in Essex for your organisation – call our team now by clicking on the link in the first line of this article.