New fire marshal courses scheduled

Fire marshal courses in London

City Fire Training have scheduled to new fire marshal courses in London. The new dates are :

Sept 14th  –  10.00-13.00

Oct 13th  –  10.00 – 13.00

Our 3 hour fire marshal training course programmes are now accredited by the Institute of Fire Safety Managers. To view the fire marshal training syllabus click this link now,


Fire marshal course London – Spaces running out

City Fire Training’s popular fire marshal course London programme is filling up fast.

Just two places remain on the morning fire marshal course in London on 25th November and ten spaces on the afternoon fire marshal training London session.

To book places on these courses follow the links now!

Fire marshal courses in London – Our latest courses and offers

Our next fire marshal courses in London are:

  • Open Fire marshal course London – 19th June 2014 a.m.
  • Open fire marshal course Essex    – 20th June 2014 a.m.

We also provide in house fire marshal courses London which are available in half day or full day formats.  Our fire marshal courses and fire warden courses in London can include details of your organisations fire emergency and fire evacuation plans.

Latest offers:

Book a place on our open fire marshal training London programme and get that fee back if you book any in house fire marshal courses in London.

Whats new for fire warden training London?

In this article we take a look at the latest web news and articles detailing fire warden training London programmes. Here are the latest articles:

How frequently should fire wardens receive fire warden training London? homepage provides an in sight into the frequency of fire warden training. Reasons for more or less frequent training include the level of risk and hazards in a workplace or building, the type of workplace. turnover of staff and the findings of the fire risk assessment.

Should an organisation carry out generic on line fire warden training?

Fire warden training / general staff fire training should be based on an organisations fire emergency plan, fire evacuation plans and the findings of the fire risk assessment. On line generic training will not provide specific details about an organisation or its building. On line training may provide a general overview of the issues to be covered in more detailed fire training.

Do fire wardens and fire marshal s need more fire training than other staff?

Government guidance provides detailed lists of what general staff need to know about their company procedures, building and fire safety equipment. The guides also detail further training that fire wardens and fire marshals will need to learn to effectively evacuate persons in the event of a fire or emergency.

How often should fire drills be carried out in a workplace?

An old favourite question of both our blog readers, regular website visitors and attendees on our fire training courses. The type of premises, risk and hazards will need to be assessed when deciding the frequency of fire drills.

How many fire marshals do we need in our building?

Fire Training in London considers how many fire marshals and fire wardens are needed in a building. This will depend on the type of building, level of risk, type of occupants, type of building and what type of accounting procedure is employed. In addition, workplaces that have shift work will need an appropriate number of fire marshals to cover all shifts and at times when persons on in the building.

Can my fire marshals train other staff?

The popular Fire training Course .com explores a number of frequently asked fire warden training and fire marshal training questions. Can fire marshals train other staff? Many organisations employ fire marshals to carry out very basic fire training for temporary workers and new starters!



Why do fire wardens and fire marshals need more fire training?

There is a requirement for all staff to receive regular fire training. They should be taught the contents of the fire emergency plan. This will include what to do if they discover a fire, what to do if they hear an alarm, details of the fire alarm, details of fire fighting equipment, accounting procedures, the importance of fire doors, how to operate fire alarm call points, fire doors etc.

Fire wardens and fire marshals must also know this essential information but will also need to know more details of the fire evacuation strategy, how fires start and behave in buildings, how persons react to fires in buildings, how to marshal persons to a place of safety, arrangements for disabled persons or other persons with reduced mobility. They may also be required to assist with updating fire emergency plans, fire evacuation plans, simple staff fire training, implementing  and debriefing fire drills etc.

All of these issues are covered in City Fire Training fire marshal courses in London. Our courses can be delivered as in house fire warden training London programmes, on-site fire warden training in London or as open fire marshal training London programmes at our training venue in East London.


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Fire wardens and fire marshals in the same building

We recently undertook a contract to provide a fire risk assessment, fire emergency plan and fire training package for a buildings fire wardens and fire marshals.

Does a building need fire wardens and fire marshals? This building did and here is a brief resume of why this building needed this type of training.

Our client was a London youth centre. The building was used during the daytime by children and disabled service users and by local young people in the evening. The building had a number of permanent staff who acted as either dedicated evacuation buddies or fire wardens. Fire wardens provided a sweep of the building to ensure all persons had left when a fire alarm operated. Evacuation buddies provided assistance to service users and their helpers using evacuation equipment installed in the building.

Fire marshals were persons who bought their service users from outside establishments. Their primary role was to evacuate children, disabled persons and any other personnel in their charge.

We provided  fire warden training London  for the established permanent workers. Fire marshal courses London for the visiting staff. Evacuation chair training for both evacuation buddies and fire marshals.

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What do you think? Should staff be warned of fire drills?

Whenever this question is asked at one of fire marshal courses in London, we get a mixed view. Slightly more favour not telling staff as this may help find out what a real evacuation will look like.

We take a different view! Here is why we think all staff should be warned of a fire drill:

  • If all staff know when drills take place and fire alarms are tested – a better response should occur when a fire alarm goes of for a real incident!
  • It provides the opportunity of setting a scenario which may make staff take a different route from the building.
  • It provides for an opportunity for fire marshals and deputy fire marshals to practice the fire evacuation procedure and put in place any learning opportunities.
  • It allows staff to use the drill as a training opportunity.
  • By not telling staff this may lead to complacency and a false sense of security.
  • Fire Brigade fire safety handbooks recommend it!
  • It may prevent panic and any possible injuries!

Not everyone will agree, but we think the case for telling staff about fire drills has been made!!!


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