How often should fire warden refresher training and fire marshal refresher training be carried out?

A caller to our London telephone team today asked how often should we carry our fire marshal refresher training and fire warden refresher training.

The Fire Safety Order 2005 requires a responsible person to carry out a fire risk assessment and produce a fire emergency plan. These documents will provide guidance to the level of risk and the plan should detail the frequency of all fire training depending on the risks posed.

Over the last three weeks we have been carrying our fire warden refresher training for an organisation in a high risk environment. Their fire warden refresher training includes:

  • Fire extinguisher theory and practical training
  • Identifying types of incident and appropriate responses
  • Tours of the building to gain a fuller understanding of the fire safety measures employed in the premises
  • Walk through fire drills
  • Monitored fire drills
  • Use of fire evacuation chairs
  • Use of emergency transfer slings and equipment

Such a course is clearly tailored to meet the organisations needs, but these are produced within are normal pricing structure. If your company or organisation has different fire procedures to the norm – call Fire Training London (City Fire Training Ltd) to discuss how tailored fire training can benefit your staff.


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