Daily duties of fire marshals – fire marshal courses London report

Fire marshal and fire wardens have important duties when a fire alarm operates in a building. A speedy evacuation can ensure that occupants leave the building safely and without injury.

Having sufficient numbers of suitable trained persons to implement the fire evacuation plan is a requirement of the Fire Safety Order 2005 and such persons should have regular training to help them perform their role. With such training, fire marshals can be asked to help with a number of important fire safety roles in the premises.

Daily  or regular duties of fire marshals could include:

  • Assisting developing and updating fire procedures
  • Providing basic fire training to visitors, new staff, temporary workers etc
  • Assist with regular checks of fire safety measures in the building such as, fire doors in good repair, both doors of double fire doors are operable, emergency lighting is still operable, that the fire alarm is audible throughout the building, fire extinguishers are in place and in good order
  • Taking part in fire drills (required by FSO)
  • Ensure escape routes are clear and available for us
  • Looking for fire hazards and issues that may affect the efficacy of the fire protective and preventive measures

Assisting with such duties requires frequent fire marshal training London. Our fire marshal courses London can assist responsible persons train key staff such as fire marshals and fire wardens. For more details click the links in this paragraph.



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