Doberman alerts family to house fire

A London Fire Brigade spokesman praised a Doberman who saved his owners from a house fire in Enfield on Monday 13th Aug 2012.

The family was asleep in the house in Allens Road, Enfield, when the fire broke out. The fire in a rear bedroom, woke up the family’s Doberman before the smoke alarm sounded, and continued to bark until the occupier woke up. He was then able to alert his children to the blaze and all three escaped, before calling London Fire Brigade.

A spokesperson for the Fire Service said:

“The dog may well have saved this family’s lives. His barking woke the family up, allowing them to quickly escape and call us out. Had they not been woken up so quickly, the damage to their home could have been far worse and they might not have escaped without injury. I’m sure they are very grateful to their hero dog!”

The cause of the fire is believed to have been caused by a plug-in air freshener which had been covered by material. It caused extensive damage to a bedroom and part of the hallway.

The spokesperson went on to say:

“When using plug-in air fresheners, it is important to ensure they remain upright and are never covered. Covering a plug-in can result in overheating, which can be dangerous and cause fires, as we’ve seen here. Always read the instructions on the packet and make sure you’re using it safely and correctly.”

Two fire appliances from Enfield and Edmonton fire stations attended the blaze. The Brigade was called at 0055 and the fire was under control at 0151

Just for the record the Doberman had not attended our fire marshal course London, so we can claim no credit for his actions!!! However, we can get a little link to our Fire Training London website and anyone interested in fire safety training courses should call us now.


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