Fire marshal good practice

Whilst carrying out a fire risk assessment for a large industrial complex, our fire risk assessors came across first class fire safety good practice.

As part of the fire risk assessment process, our assessors view a range of fire safety management policies and procedures, as well as fire systems maintenance checks.

The organisation that we visited covered two sites and in excess of 15,000 sq metres floor space per floor with some parts of the building over three floors. In the past they had experienced difficulties in making checks of their site so now employ fire marshals to carry out the checks on their behalf.


Each week a fire marshal checks the following:

  • That each fire extinguisher is in place, that the pressure gauge is green and that the tag is in place
  • Emergency lights are checked and are operable
  • That the fire alarm is audible throughout their zone
  • That the voice alarm is audible throughout their zone
  • That all self closing fire doors close properly
  • That there are no wedges by any doors
  • That all fire exit routes are clear
  • That all fire exits can be opened easily
  • That there is no excessive build up of stores or materials in offices, factory areas etc

Although there was some works that need to be carried out to ensure fire safety compliance is fulfilled, this organisation performs its fire safety responsibilities to a very high standard.

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