The need to identify types of fire training in the fire emergency plan

One of our sessions on our City Fire Training  fire marshal training London describes the content of a fire emergency plan as required by London Fire Brigade. One part asks for details of fire training required. Here is what we think you should include in your fire emergency plan:

  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Fire marshal training
  • Training for those who act as buddies or assist with evacuation procedures for disabled persons
  • Those who call the fire service
  • The contents of the fire emergency plan and significant findings
  • Training for temporary workers – What will the content before someone who works for the organisation for 1 or 2 days and what will someone who works for a few months receive
  • Fire drills – Frequency
  • Those with responsibilities in the fire evacuation plan such as those who liaise with the fire service, incident controllers, caretakers, first aiders etc

It may be beneficial for the responsible person to receive some sort of training on how a fire risk assessment is carried out. This will allow them to understand the process and carry out their own fire safety audits against the FRA at regular intervals. For FRA mentoring contact London Fire Risk Assessment Consultants for fire risk assessments London.


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