City Fire Training examine the need for Responsible Persons to co-operate

City Fire Training carried out a fire marshal training for an Essex based NHS building. The building has a number of departments and organisations that work independently of each other and who are in effect separate organizations within the building.

In multi-tenanted buildings there must be co-operation between Responsible Persons. It is a requirement under the fire safety legislation for such co-operation.

The various departments appoint fire marshals to ensure the safety of staff during a building evacuation but it is evident that there was a lack of co-operation to ensure that other persons in the building are evacuated. Although the facilities management of the building provide training for all employees in the building, no properly constructed fire emergency plan existed in the building for any of the departments.

New works and renovation is being programmed for the building it will be essential that all departments and organisations co-operate with each other before building contractors begin building work. When five or more builders are on site or any number are likely to be on site for more than 31 days, both parties must comply with the Construction Design Management Regs. In addition as the building will continue to be used during the building works it will be important to implement Hot Work Permits for any work involving flames, grinding, welding etc.

For details of fire marshal training Essex or fire marshal training London contact City Fire Training now.


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