Fire emergency plans need reviewing regularly

City Fire Training provides fire training services for Essex County Fire and Rescue Services trading arm , the Fire Service Safety Partnership. This week we were commissioned to carry out a fire marshal course in Kent for a well-known national charity.

The fire marshal training course was for managers and staff at a series of homes that assist elderly persons, disabled persons, those experiencing extreme hardship and  difficulties in their personal life and persons needing housing assistance.

The fire marshal training was provided  for three of charities homes. Each had differing circumstances and it was encouraging to see they understood issues such as delayed evacuation , progressive horizontal evacuation and full evacuation depending on the circumstances of a fire / fire alarm actuating. However, one home had a changing client profile, with the possibility of completing changing all persons in the building within a three-month period.

We recommended that the home had regular reviews of their fire emergency plan, fire evacuation policy and personal emergency evacuation plans, in order that it met the ever-changing situation in the building.

In addition, to the changing position, it became apparent that there although there were staff on duty during the day, there were no staff on duty at night-time. This situation would also need to be reviewed in case there were people at the home that needed assistance to evacuate in an emergency.

All staff had the opportunity of tackling fire during fire extinguisher training session. Readers wishing to book fire extinguisher training courses London, fire marshal courses London, contact City Fire Training now.


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