On-site training or attendance at an open course?

As a responsible person you may have decided that some of your staff need fire training. Your fire risk assessment and fire emergency plan should detail the frequency of training, so the numbers requiring training may make the decision of whether to have an on-site course or send staff to an open course, an easy one!

What are the pros and cons of an open course ?


  • There can be a variety of open courses to choose from (for example the Fire Service Safety Partnertship provide courses in London for £264 per person. Do remember though that they no longer use uniformed officers for their courses – the training is outsourced)
  • Some open courses are accredited (Remember there is no requirement for accredited fire training and these may be more expensive as they will include a short exam at the end)
  • You can probably be find an open course near you but you may have to vary providers as many do have regular open course programmes


  • Your staff are likely to be out all day even if it is a half day course
  • You will probably have to pay transport costs
  • They are expensive if you have to send more than two or three persons
  • The course will be generic and may cover issues relating to workplaces unlike yours

Alternatively you could opt for an on-site course:


  • More convenient for you and your staff
  • Staff can deal with emergencies at work or important work easily
  • Cost effective if training more than a few people
  • The course can be be bespoked to include your evacuation procedures and fire emergency plan


  • Not cost effective if you only need to train one or to persons

So there are a few things to consider if your staff need fire training. For more details of fire training in London why not visit the training course page of City Fire Training.


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