How to pick a first class fire training company

If you have decided to pick an external company to carry our your staff fire safety training courses you need to make sure that you select the right type of fire training company.

So how do you pick the right trainers? Here are some options:

  • Fire Service trainers – Fire services certainly have a great reputation but make sure the fire trainers have the correct fire safety knowledge. All fire officers start off as operational firefighters. Make sure that their fire trainers have a background in fire training and workplace fire safety. Fire services are often the most expensive type to engage so make sure that you engage them for the right type of training such as fire training for managers and fire marshals were a greater understanding of government guidance and local policy will be required.
  • Private sector fire training companies come in all different sizes. Many are formed by ex fire officers – Again make sure that the trainer as training and workplace fire safety background. You may wish to select a few questions you know the answer to and then ask those questions!! See if the company is part of any approved groups or has fire industry accreditation. Lastly make sure you have a long chat with the trainer or their managers and go with your gut feel!
  • On-line fire training. All fire training should be based on the fire emergency plan of the premises / organisation. Therefore on-line training may need to be supplemented by another sit down training session

The most common courses picked by London companies are fire marshal courses London and fire extinguisher courses London, but other such as Fire safety for schools, residential care home fire training and fire safety in hotels.


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