Should a person be a fire marshal and a first aider?

This was a question asked at a recent on-site fire safety training course in London.

City Fire Training take the view that where possible the roles should be undertaken by two different persons but in smaller premises there may be no choice but to have the same person carrying out the same tasks – but they just couldn’t do both roles at the same time!!!

A fire marshal or fire warden will undertake the following duties:

  • Help evacuate the building in the event of a fire or a fire alarm operating
  • Check rooms and areas to ensure they are clear of staff, visitors etc
  • Report to a senior fire marshal or fire warden that their area is clear
  • They may assist with the evacuation of disabled persons (but this role may be undertaken be specially trained buddies)
  • Look  for fire hazards that might cause a fire
  • Look for obstructions to fire equipment or escape routes
  • Help assist with changes to the fire emergency plan and evacuation procedures
  • Take part in fire drills

A first aider will provide first medical intervention until a person visits a hospital or until emergency services arrive. They will also be responsible for restocking first aid kits after they have been used, possibly clearing up after an accident and possibly witnessing or filling in an accident book.

Go to the City Fire Training website for another look at the story or to book a fire marshal courses London / fire marshal training London:


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