Useful links to City Fire Training website

Here are a few useful links to the City Fire Training website. The fire training website with a difference – The City Fire Training homepage which givers users an overview of what the company offers. It provides links and details to information such the latest fire training courses in London, fire risk assessors in London, workplace fire risk assessments in London, latest news and views from the fire industry. – Fire Training Courses London is the page that details CFTs popular fire marshal courses London, fire extinguisher courses London, fire warden courses London and fire safety for managers London. It also tells managers how to book on site fire training in London at their premises. – Fire evacuation chairs and evacuation chair training. This page details the very best fire evacuation chairs that can be used in an emergency to evacuate disabled persons. It is essential to have emergency evacuation procedures for disabled persons. The page details the site requirements for different types of chair. Remember  – fire Services require all persons to be evacuated from a building unless they are specific types of premises such as residential care homes, hospitals etc where delayed and progressive evacuation can be employed. – Workplace fire risk assessments London is a page which provides details of CFTs workplace fire risk assessment services and how to access its fire risk assessors London. It includes an overview of the Fire Safety Order 2005 and provides a news feed for responsible persons. Linking to local Fire Services, fire industry and other parts of the group including London fire risk assessment consultants.


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