Fire drills help fire marshals deal with real emergencies

The purpose of fire drills is to prepare fire marshals and fire wardens with how to deal with real emergencies. There are also a few other benefits of regular fire drills. These include:

  • Making sure all occupants of a premises practice the fire procedure. This may include using different escape routes or practicing at different times of the day.
  • Identifying any changes needed in the fire procedures. Although a review of fire risk assessments should identify changes to fire procedures, often small changes in work practices, numbers of employees etc can be missed. By following government and fire service guidance which recommend the use of observers in fire drills – new procedures can be adopted.
  • Complying with legal obligations to ensure that you have trained staff carrying out emergency procedures

Fire risk assessments London should take into account the working practices of all buildings. For example – one fire drill a year is not sufficient if there are many shifts or differing seasonal increases in business.

Fire risk assessors London such as London fire risk assessment consultants and City Fire Training recommend not less than one annual review of workplace fire risk assessment, not less than two fire drills, not less than annual fire training for all staff and not less than 2 yearly fire marshal courses London or on-site fire marshal training London for all fire marshals.


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