Fire training – Who needs it?

City Fire Training answer the question on many managers lips. Who exactly does need fire training in their premises. We provide a quick overview:

  • All staff must know the contents of the fire emergency plan. This will include details such as action on discovery of a fire, what to do if they hear the alarm, fire fighting equipment in the building, accounting method, fire procedures including those who are particular risk such as disabled persons, contractors, visitors, those working on their own and young people. Why not try City Fire Training General staff fire training course or fire extinguisher courses London.
  • The frequency of staff fire training may increase if there is a high turnover of staff or fluctuates due to seasonal increases in business (ie extra shop staff at Xmas)
  • Fire marshals and fire wardens need additional fire training. There is no set frequency required by law, but the workplace fire risk assessments London should determine the frequency of attendance on fire marshal courses London or other fire marshal training London.
  • Persons with special responsibilities in the fire procedure must also receive regular fire training. Persons such as those nominated to call the fire service, buddies who assist disabled persons and those liaising with the London Fire Brigade must all know what to do.
  • Persons on temporary contracts or those bought in from a Temps agency should not be forgotten
  • Building contractors or other contractors need to be told what to do. In fact many organisations have strict hot work permit procedures for building contractors and remember if they are on site for more than 31 days or there are more than 5 builders on site you must both comply with the Construction Design Management Regulations.

Check out the City Fire Training website for fire marshal course london, fire warden courses London, fire extinguisher training London, fire risk assessments London training and much more.


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