What do fire marshals do for eight hours every day?

This is what a delegate on a recent fire marshal courses London asked one of our instructors!

We asked what the group thought!:

  • The job they are paid to do!
  • A walk around the floor that they are responsible for
  • Check that corridors and fire exits are clear and can be used by everyone
  • Looking for hazards that might cause a fire
  • Looking for obstructions that build up during the day
  • Training new staff
  • Training temps who are there for a day or two
  • Reporting back to the responsible person that the fire alarm was audible in their patch
  • Providing support for  evacuation procedures for disabled people
  • Practicing their role in a fire drill or taking notes as others (deputies) practised
  • Evacuating the building when a fire alarm went off for real!!!

Now we thought the group on the fire marshal course London done a pretty good job – maybe the need to write the next Fire Safety Order 2005 guide. Fire marshal training London is available from City Fire Training at your premises or at one our open courses.


For any other fire safety London needs or details of our other fire training courses London visit www.cityfiretraining.co.uk



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