Fire marshal courses London – a quick guide to what your fire wardens nedd to know!

An internet search will reveal many organisations offering the best quality training and ensuring you that your fire marshals and fire wardens will be able to act quickly and decisively when an incident occurs in your workplace. Our websites say the very same thing!!!

But what should you look for in your fire marshal course London? A good fire marshal course London or fire warden course London will probably contain the following type of information:

  • A fire awareness session detailing how people behave and how quickly fires can spread in buildings
  • Fire extinguishers – this will include information on the types of fire extinguishers available, classes of fire, safety tips when using the extinguishers and other general advice such as maintenance, checks and siting of extinguishers
  • A practical fire fighting session – if you have a suitable space outside a practical session could give your staff the confidence to tackle fires should one occur.
  • Daily responsibilities of fire marshals and fire wardens – this will include simple staff fire training of new staff and temps, advice on fire drills and hazard spotting or general housekeeping to keep the building safe from fire
  • The contents of fire emergency plan – These plans are a requirement of the Fire Safety Order 2005 and all staff should be able to access this information, an explanation of what this includes will be useful to fire marshals during informal training discussions
  • Evacuation strategies and accounting methods. This session gives practical advice on the most suitable accounting systems for various types of building and work processes
  • Evacuation procedures for disabled persons  – This is another requirement and staff must know what to do immediately by implementing organisation procedures
  • General advice on fire evacuations – such as assembly points, who calls the fire service, dealing with those that do not want to leave the building etc

City Fire Training provides fire marshal courses London, fire warden courses London on open courses and can carry out fire marshal training london at your premises for unlimited numbers of staff. Click the link below for more information:


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